This article aims to present a proposal for document validation using Blockchain. Even with the world moving quickly, validation processes are often slow and manual. The use of Smart Contracts and Blockchain is ideal for this manual and unreliable scenario. This decentralized system stores the history of assets and transactions on a network with no central point of failure. More resistant to malicious attacks, Blockchain allows the acceptance of documents securely and digitally.

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The world is changing faster as a result of accelerated technological development. Companies from all over the world invest heavily in innovation to create answers to the needs presented in the market. New technologies are part of this process, but it is important to emphasize that, more than opening different business opportunities, they provide a real revolution in society, enabling actions that were previously unimaginable and improving people’s quality of life. …

This text aims to present the wonders of Spark AR. There is a lot of excitement around Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality(AR) and Mixed Reality(MR). Spark AR Studio is a program provided by Facebook to develop Augmented Reality filters for social networks. The creative economy states that man’s ability to create is the main production input. To face a market in constant change and with highly qualified professionals, it is necessary to be prepared. As a result, we need knowledge that permeates different areas. …

This article aims to suggest an alternative to the existing electronic voting system. Fraud cases and dubious electoral processes are recurrent in the recent history of elections. According to a survey, three out of five respondents believe that cyberattacks can manipulate elections in their countries soon. Although experts claim that the electronic voting system is the aptest to promote a safe election, the lack of confidence in the current system puts at risk the legitimacy of the winning candidate.

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Around the world, dubious electoral processes are recurrent in recent history. Wikipedia even has a list of all controversial elections arranged by date. Each has its specificities, but the insecurity in the electoral system can be found in all of them. According to a research made by the Pew Research Center (POUSHTER; FETTEROLF, 2019), for 78% of the interviewees, the government is not able to face the virtual threats. …

This article aims to give an overview of the DevOps culture and show how it can be used by app developers to shorten their development life cycle. DevOps is vital for modern app development and delivery. However, most of the mobile application does not have full continuous integration and either continuous deployment practices. Mobile application development and IT operations should collaborate to create a more reliable and useful mobile environment. The singularities between the two main mobile operating systems (IOS and Android) make it difficult to have a unique solution. …

This article introduces an approach to predict the success of a Brazilian film before it hits the box office. Each year, filmmakers produce hundreds of films. The box office success is essential to the industry’s survival. Knowing which movies are likely to be successful and which ones will probably fail before launch can greatly benefit the producers. Instead of listening to critics, we applied classification and regression models to make that decision. For this we used a database from the “Observatório Brasileiro do Cinema e do Audiovisual” between the years of 1995 to 2017. …


Matheus Leal

Computer Engineering, Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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